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"A Jewel of His Own: 6 Top Jewelry Collections Made for Men” By Kareem Rashed

Anthony Lent Jewelry

Recently relaunched under the guidance of founder Tony Lent’s sons, David and Max, Anthony Lent does fine jewelry with a surrealist bent. With pendants carved with smiling lips and bracelets made of bone links, Lent’s pieces toe the line between sculpture and jewelry, making for artful accessories. Like all the best jewelry, Lent’s collection is filled with unique designs that communicate your personality.

    "The Edgy Bride" Feature in INSTORE Magazine by Liz Kantner

    Anthony Lent Jewelry
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    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    We love to give our supportive fans and followers a chance to own their favorite Anthony Lent pieces, which is why we run giveaway campaigns a couple of times a year. What better way to celebrate the beginning of Spring than to enter the chance to win a piece from the new Anthony Lent mini-stud collection?

    This season, in celebration of the onset of spring (and kicking off on the first day of spring, March 20th), we are giving you the chance to win a pair of Invisible Moonface Stud Earrings. This is Anthony Lent's first gold giveaway and coincides with the creation of our new collection of subtle, minuscule pieces based on classic Anthony Lent designs, featuring everyday stud earrings, stacking rings, and necklaces. 

    All you need to do to enter is #repost our spring giveaway photo on Instagram and tag it #AnthonyLent and #AnthonyLentSpringGiveAway. The campaign will run for one full month and we will announce our winner on April 20th.

    Enter for your chance to win today, and shop for everything from the new "invisibles" collection at!

    Colored Stones to Chase Away the Winter Blues

    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    This winter has been kind to us in New York City. But, regardless of the warmer overall temperatures and the almost non-existent snow, winter is winter. We find that adding splashes of color to our day-to-day helps fight against the winter blues. And so, we’re concentrating this month on our colored stones!

    Take a peek at some of our favorite gold and colored stone pieces, and meet our new Vulcana Garnet Cluster Earrings.

    Don’t worry, spring is just around the corner!

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    Take Flight in 2016

    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    Wings symbolize the pursuit of greater heights emotionally, spiritually and creatively. They can represent rising above challenges and working toward goals. As such, what better collection is there than the Anthony Lent Wings to celebrate the beginning of a new year?

    Whether accented by stones, faces or other iconic Anthony Lent symbols, each winged piece in this series has a unique characteristic that is sure to hold a special meaning for its wearer. You may want to keep your wings close to your heart as an everyday reminder of resolutions for the new year and a new chapter in your life. Or perhaps your wings are better suited to dangle from your ears as a dazzling public display of personal achievement.

    In dreams, wings signify a "spring cleaning of the mind," a time to take inventory of your positive thoughts, wishes, and practices and to declutter those that don't serve you well.

    So, as we enter 2016, don your wings and take flight in pursuit of your best self.

    Happy New Year! 


    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    In the spirit of the giving season, we have teamed up with a local charity, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, to raise funds for their cause. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer, all-breed dog rescue organization comprising a network of foster families and volunteers who work together to save sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in Southern US states and find caring homes for them.

    During the month of December, all profits from the sales of our signature Die-struck Hands Penny ($25.01) will be donated to Badass Brooklyn. It is the perfect gift for the animal lovers in your life, and these keepsake pennies can be worn as charms, pendants, or keychains. They make a great addition to dog collars, too! 

    We are kicking off our month-long fundraising efforts today, on #GivingTuesday. Badass has rescued, rehabilitated, and found homes for 1500 dogs to date, changing the lives of the humans who love them for the better, too. Their work is entirely powered by human generosity, so be sure to make your donation purchase today!

    Luxury with a… Typeface?

    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    There is a little-known link between the art of the goldsmith and the art of typography. When you think about it, though, the connection is obvious. Who better to carve out of metal the precise, intricately-detailed fonts of movable type than a skilled metal-worker? Johannes Gutenberg himself started out as a goldsmith. And many of the tools of the typographer's trade—such as the punchcutters, pantrographs, and engraving machines—originated in the craft of jewelry.

    Of course, these are the same tools still used by our own master goldsmith, Tony Lent, so it seemed especially fitting when we had the opportunity to collaborate with typographer Lucas Sharp and his branding agency Sharp Type. Lucas and his partners have worked on many exciting projects over the years. His past clients have included Pinterest, Zazzle, and Samsung. His typefaces have been featured far and wide, including on the cover of the New York Times Magazine and, most recently, as part of the official branding of the Hilary Clinton for President 2016 campaign.

    When we approached him to design a new logotype for Anthony Lent, it was love at first sight on both sides. We loved his work. He loved ours. And so a collaboration was born. Together with his partner Chantra, he planned an entirely new look for us. Instead of a mere update to our logotype, he produced for us a series of complete, gorgeous fonts. And it's a fitting font, too.

    Based on the work of the Jesuit scholar, Edward Catich, who studied the inscription on Trajan's Column in Rome, it aims to replicate in an elegant, modern form the most sublime achievement of the ancient Roman brushstroke. Catich proposed that the serif, that vestige of calligraphy preserved in so-called Roman typefaces, was not simply an imitation of letterforms perfected by expert stoneworkers following mathematical principles. Rather, the letters were first painted, then chiseled out, and then painted again. As public proclamations standing in the open air, they were designed to emphasize light and shadow for the sake of legibility.

    The carving required dexterity, perhaps, but the true significance of the letters was in the way they communicated meaning through art, creating a link between text and reader by a subtle, almost invisible modification of nature. These kinds of details—easy to miss but essential to artistic integrity—are fundamental to Tony's work, as well. His pieces celebrate exactly these kinds of details, each one containing secrets of form and function that, like the Roman letters, hide in plain sight. Ask him about his "Wandering Eye" design, for example, and why its pupil is shaped like a heart, and he'll tell you that it, too, is designed to reflect light in just the right way: to put a real sparkle in a an unreal eye.

    The result of Lucas' typographic talents is a series of fonts we think are instant classics, exactly the sorts of timeless masterpieces Tony himself turns out again and again. We're thrilled to be using them and to do our part to draw attention to this too-often neglected, but extremely vital art. We're also proud to introduce new logos and a new design for our website and catalogs, courtesy of Chantra.

    We've been working closely for months to bring this dream to reality, a dream that began with a short email and a simple request and ended up blossoming into a new face for the brand that puts a human face on luxury. Lucas and Chantra have helped us finally give Tony's work the presentation it deserves and have reminded us that there's as much "precious metal" in the printed word as there is gold in our jewelry. You might say, they were just our type.

    New Pieces in Time for the Holidays

    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    With the holidays just around the corner (and many savvy shoppers already checking off items on their gift list) we want to highlight the newest additions to the Anthony Lent collections. We've taken the guess work out of your jewelry shopping this season by adding a brand new store to our brand new website. So it's the perfect time to introduce some brand new pieces!

    Our Crescent Moonface Rings have been extremely popular, and we're now adding to the night sky with our new Crescent Moonface Necklace in 18k gold, with diamond eyes. Resting just above the clavicle, this chic and cheeky moon is the essential everyday necklace for the person who wants to add a touch of the extraordinary to their every day.

    A symbol both ancient and modern, the hand takes on a special importance this time of year. We are moved to open our arms and homes to loved ones for the holidays and to practice charity as often as possible. These One Hand Bands in diamond, sapphire, and ruby offer themselves as talismans for the wearer to interpret as they wish. They are a new interpretation of one of our most classic designs and carry an undeniable power in their beauty. Wear them stacked or as individual statement pieces. 
    $4,900 (Diamond)
    $4,000 (Sapphire or Ruby)

    People feel comfort by seeing representations of the human face in life and in art. The Anthony Lent Pavé Profile Ring is our latest expression of the humanity inherent in Tony Lent's art. As with all Anthony Lent pieces, there is a bit of mystery and idiosyncrasy to these faces. How do you read their emotions?

    Enchantment Under the Stars: Explore our Celestial Collection

    Anthony Lent Jewelry

    The mania of the summer months is over, and we are moved to focus again on balance and routine. This autumn is shaping up to be filled with dramatic celestial activity, with numerous meteor showers, the September equinox and a Super Blood Moon in conjunction with a total lunar eclipse, to name a few of the highlights. We thought there was no better time to focus on our iconic Celestial Collection than this, in honor of cosmic balance and in celebration of the shift in seasons.

    Our Celestial Collection recognizes the intimate link between human life and the heavenly bodies by which we measure it. Indeed, these suns, moons, and stars are so powerful because of how instantly recognizable they are. In the Renaissance, people did not distinguish between science and art. We pay homage to that way of thinking by presenting a series of sculptural forms that may not possess the secrets of nature, but do illustrate nature with the secrets of art. 

    Humanity finds great comfort in representations of the heavenly bodies, and the Anthony Lent Celestial Collection encompasses some of our most praised work in sterling silver, 18 karat gold, and platinum, as well as the most iconic pieces we make. We welcome you to explore your favorite Celestial Collection pieces over the coming weeks and even to discover some that you may have never seen.