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Enchantment Under the Stars: Explore our Celestial Collection

Anthony Lent Jewelry

The mania of the summer months is over, and we are moved to focus again on balance and routine. This autumn is shaping up to be filled with dramatic celestial activity, with numerous meteor showers, the September equinox and a Super Blood Moon in conjunction with a total lunar eclipse, to name a few of the highlights. We thought there was no better time to focus on our iconic Celestial Collection than this, in honor of cosmic balance and in celebration of the shift in seasons.

Our Celestial Collection recognizes the intimate link between human life and the heavenly bodies by which we measure it. Indeed, these suns, moons, and stars are so powerful because of how instantly recognizable they are. In the Renaissance, people did not distinguish between science and art. We pay homage to that way of thinking by presenting a series of sculptural forms that may not possess the secrets of nature, but do illustrate nature with the secrets of art. 

Humanity finds great comfort in representations of the heavenly bodies, and the Anthony Lent Celestial Collection encompasses some of our most praised work in sterling silver, 18 karat gold, and platinum, as well as the most iconic pieces we make. We welcome you to explore your favorite Celestial Collection pieces over the coming weeks and even to discover some that you may have never seen.