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Take Flight in 2016

Anthony Lent Jewelry

Wings symbolize the pursuit of greater heights emotionally, spiritually and creatively. They can represent rising above challenges and working toward goals. As such, what better collection is there than the Anthony Lent Wings to celebrate the beginning of a new year?

Whether accented by stones, faces or other iconic Anthony Lent symbols, each winged piece in this series has a unique characteristic that is sure to hold a special meaning for its wearer. You may want to keep your wings close to your heart as an everyday reminder of resolutions for the new year and a new chapter in your life. Or perhaps your wings are better suited to dangle from your ears as a dazzling public display of personal achievement.

In dreams, wings signify a "spring cleaning of the mind," a time to take inventory of your positive thoughts, wishes, and practices and to declutter those that don't serve you well.

So, as we enter 2016, don your wings and take flight in pursuit of your best self.

Happy New Year!