Emotions Ring


18k Yellow Gold / Diamonds (0.1ct)

Width : 11mm

The multi-faced "Emotions Ring," a universal symbol with significance in many different artistic traditions. The depiction of faces merging together appears in the art of peoples as geographically disparate as the Balinese and the Mayans and in cultural worlds as distinct as the Greco-Roman and Buddhist. The faces in the Anthony Lent Emotions Ring represent the confrontation of "the common eye" with "the uncommon eye," or with the multiple ways of perceiving and feeling differently about the same thing. The faces evoke a dream state in which one's identity dissolves as well as the open possibilities of psychedelia. They are, perhaps, an expression of what it feels like to experiment with new ideas, strange ideas, and possibly uncomfortable ideas. Some people are afraid of their emotions, after all, and afraid to look into the darker corners of the human psyche. This design is a confrontation with our emotional comfort zone and a celebration of the new dimensions of experience that stepping outside of it enables us to visit. 

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