Nana Spessartite Adorned Hands Ring


18k Yellow Gold / Platinum / Nana Spessartine Garnet (3.24ct) / Diamond (0.15ct)

This is currently only available in size 5.75. Are you interested in another size? Reach out to us at for assistance.

The hand is one of the earliest images of humankind, a symbol that marks our first appearance in the world and persists as an enduring definition of identity. Hands appear everywhere among the very oldest works of art, when art and the culture of daily life were indistinguishable, from the Lascaux Caves in France to Uluru in Australia. As jewelry, hands along with other anatomical motifs occurred frequently in the jewelry of the Greeks and Romans. Prompted by these influences from the past, as well as Anthony Lent's fascination with miniature worlds, this sculpture was brought to life.

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