Bone Bar Necklace


18k Yellow Gold / 24mm

Available for immediate shipping.

A necklace taken from the arm of Mr. Bones, which pairs perfectly with our Bone Chain Bracelet. This meticulously crafted bone, inspired by the artist's fascination with human anatomy, evokes a fearless embrace of mortality. Just as skulls have been a timeless symbol in jewelry, bones represent the very structure of life, connecting us to Renaissance visionaries like Leonardo da Vinci and Andreas Vesalius. Their anatomical illustrations, combining observation with imagination, inspired this unique design. The bracelet's bones are hyper-real and yet they carry the essence of the real thing, reminding us of our own impermanence. Display a bold appreciation for the human form and a defiance of societal norms. Wear this bracelet as a conversation piece that celebrates the delicate balance between life and death, art and anatomy.

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