Medium Moonface Pendant with Diamond Eyes


18k Yellow Gold / Diamond (0.05ct) / 18mm

Moonface motif faces front, with sunface motif on reverse.

This moonface is an adaptation of one that Tony Lent saw years ago in 19th century illustrations. He refers to it now as the “moon of the collective unconscious”. The moonface represented in Lent’s work is an iteration of those that appear in works by Maxfield Parrish, N. C. Wyeth, and the early animation of Winsor McCay. The Celestial collection, our largest collection of jewelry pieces today, tells a story about the cosmos; a journey through the heavens and through the history of art. 

Our Sunface, the counterpart of the Moonface, is inspired by artisan horology, early timekeeping, and the marvelous mechanisms of the Renaissance that combined art and science together. If time and astronomy were even more intimately connected in that age of sundials and planetary prognostication, they were also connected to magic, and the motions of the heavenly bodies were believed to be keys to the secrets of nature. The relationship and balance of night and day, darkness and light are found in the world of Anthony Lent, where the Sunface and Moonface are often found playing together or hiding behind each other.

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