Sapphire and Diamond Flying Stone Ring


18k Yellow Gold / Sapphire / Diamond (0.75ct)

Available for immediate shipping in size 8.

Once it goes, it's not coming back!

The familiar design of our heart is one of the most universal symbols of the modern world. It most obviously refers to love (or a love of gambling), but the heart of Anthony Lent is also a heart that is free, liberated, and all-embracing of ideas and people alike. The idea for a heart motif, particularly a heart with wings, goes back to the earliest work of Anthony Lent in the 1960s. He was influenced both by the logo of the Universal Sufism movement and its popularity as a tattoo. This design is a mélange of the sacred and the profane, the universal and the personal, the spiritual and the human. What better symbol to express all of these ideas at once than a heart in flight? Like many of our creations, the heart is instantly recognizable, even obvious, but there's so much more behind it than you expected. The heart means love, but it's also a heart of secrets—and a heart that is as hard to understand as it is to catch.

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