Morpheus Pendant

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18k Yellow Gold / Platinum / Lapis Lazuli / Diamond / 60mm x 23mm / 16"

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Features a handmade 18k yellow gold chain.

Once it goes, it's not coming back!

A homage to Morpheus, the ancient god of dreams, this design was born at the intersection of art history and popular culture. A touchstone for exploring the shared symbolism of the human subconscious, it is also the personification of the proverbial "flight of fancy." Drawing on the mythology of winged messengers and the lore of angels, the motif references pre-Raphaelite art of the 19th century and the visual culture of the Italian Renaissance. Like most of Anthony Lent’s creations, the image of a wing with a human face is meant to evoke the ageless desire to soar beyond earthly bounds.

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