Skull Pinky Ring


18k Yellow Gold / Platinum / 16mm x 16mm

Our "petite size" is the exact same Skull model as our Black Skull Ring, only just 60% of the original size! all of the detail is identical, including the solid platinum teeth and roots into the upper jawline.

Our skull rings are based on the anatomical illustrations of such figures as Leonardo da Vinci, well-known for his fascination with the human body, and Andreas Vesalius, usually regarded as the father of modern human anatomy. What is remarkable about these early drawings is that they aren't scientifically accurate, they're idealizations that combine observation with imagination. A real human skull isn't symmetrical and is actually quite horrific to look at. The artistic skulls of these Renaissance illustrations, however, have the magical quality of seeming more real than the real thing itself. They are hyper-real.

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