Terrapin Stud Earrings


18k Yellow Gold / Oxidized Sterling Silver / Diamond (0.16ct) / 12mm x 16mm

Available for immediate shipping as a pair or single stud.

We include a few little creatures in our collections, the sort of critters Tony liked to collect when he was a boy. We don’t have his all-time favorites, newts and salamanders, but we do have lizards and terrapins. He has joked that the lizards reflect his lizard-like personality (not true!). The turtles, on the other hand, were originally made as cufflinks for an old friend whose nickname happened to be “Turtle.” They’re a little bit like box turtles, but not quite. Really, like most of his pieces, they reflect a generic idea about turtles rather than being modeled on any particular species. But their small size and diminutive details lead us to call them Terrapins.

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