White Pearl Branch French Wire Earrings


18k Yellow Gold / White Pearl (9.5mm)

12mm x 9.5mm

Long a popular motif in jewelry design, going back at least to Victorian times, the tiny creatures in our Invisible World collection represent Anthony Lent's ongoing study of worlds in miniature. The world of insects and arachnids, in particular, has provided the perfect sort of inspiration for Anthony Lent, as so much of our work is about exploring the almost invisible, in finding beauty where you don't expect to find it. For Tony, insects have larger lives than we tend to notice, just as his jewelry has details that people often fail to notice at first glance. In both cases, if you look closer, you will constantly discover new things. He also can't get the classic movie "The Fly" out of his head since he saw it as a child, so anthropomorphic insects just make sense to him. Some of these tiny creatures also allude to other creative arts. Our Ladybug motif, for example, evokes a metaphorical approach to jewelry—the pieces can be thought of as clever references to the frequent appearance of these creatures in sentimental poetry. They are whimsical insects, too, like fireflies and bees, which may also make an appearance in the Anthony Lent catalog someday.

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