Bosch Pearl French Wire Earrings


18k Yellow Gold / Tahitian Pearls / Diamond (0.48ct)
18k Yellow Gold / White South Sea Pearls / Diamond (0.48ct)

10mm x 22mm

A classic design with over 30 years of history, the Bosch Pearl is a reference to the famous 16th century painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," which today hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. Probably the most well-known work of the Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch, the painting continues to surprise and inspire today with its strange, perplexing creatures and vivid, allegorical imagery. For Tony, seeing it is like entering a dream state, another dimension where inanimate objects are anthropomorphized, and the forest literally has ears. It also represents to him the "pathos and chaos" of everyday life. By using the pearl, a lustrous gem prized in all cultures, Tony wanted to combine this idea about universal human experience with a feeling of otherwordlyness and exoticism.

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