Brickface Stacking Ring


18k Yellow Gold 

5mm x 4mm


Tony’s other name for the Brickface is “Mr. Solid.” Giving it a shape reminiscent of a brick, he wanted the design to communicate strength and masculinity. In other words, it’s an abstract shape (one of his first) but also a tough, concrete character. Awhile back, we measured the original model for this motif, and it turned out that the ratio of its dimensions corresponds to the so-called “golden mean,” a proportion famous since antiquity for being aesthetically pleasing. It has also been observed throughout the natural world, the magic number behind structures as minuscule as DNA and as vast as galaxies. We were so excited by this (how perfect is the phrase “golden mean” for an 18k gold Brickface?) we asked Tony if he did this on purpose. He said, “I don’t know. No. Well, probably. If it’s too good to be true.”

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