Kiss Me Cufflinks



18k Yellow Gold / 18mm x 13mm

Available for immediate shipping.

A striking design with an unlikely origin, our Kiss Me motif is clearly a symbol of the sensual (for those who like to express their sensuality), but it’s also a concept with a sense of humor. But you have to know the story. Years ago Tony’s martial arts instructor once purchased from him a Moonface ring. He was so impressed with it, he showed it off to everyone. Naturally, his students were appropriately deferential, and one of Tony’s friends remarked that it was like watching people kiss the ring of the Pope. That joke instantly put this idea into his head. With- out knowing the story, of course, it just looks like a pair of lips, but you can bring your own story and your own meaning to it, too. As with all of his work, Tony expects people to see differ- ent things than he does. He hopes for it! Perhaps coincidentally, Tony’s very first piece of jewelry was actually a pair of lips parted to show white teeth. While the Kiss Me design isn’t a direct descendant of that original idea, it does continue his tradition of emphasizing in sculpture the most iconographically significant parts of the human body.

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