Rubelite Muse Ring


18k Yellow Gold / Rubelite / Diamonds

An enduring subject of the entire pantheon of great masters, the inspirational goddesses of art, music, poetry, and dance are a fitting subject as well for Anthony Lent. These figures have appeared seemingly everywhere, and were depicted by seemingly everyone. They produced frescoes, murals, mosaics, sculpture: these personified spirits of human achievement were rendered by artists in every conceivable medium. An early convert to their cult, Tony created his own first muse piece when he was still in school. The image has clearly remained with him a long time, an image that is as much a figuration of mythical personae who are especially powerful for artists as it is a fantasy idealization of women. Of particular, perhaps paramount, interest in our Muse pieces is their hair. A conceit in the style of art nouveau, each strand is painstakingly carved out by hand. The result is not realistic but highly controlled and yet controlled with such precision and such deftness of purpose, it appears somehow more real. This is the characteristic magic of Anthony Lent jewelry, the application of artifice to nature that results in something greater than both. Since they are based on concepts and ideal forms, not sculpted strictly in imitation of nature, Tony's pieces are incredibly evocative. They immediately capture the attention of everyone who looks at them, and their conceptual foundations are instantly understood. The Muse collection, especially, conveys the dynamism and emotion of its figural subjects in a way no other jewelry designer can match.

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