Serpent Necklace with Diamond Eyes


18k Yellow Gold / Diamond (0.14ct)

Black Onyx / Tigers Eye / River Stone / Hematite / Lapis Lazuli / Malachite Chrysocolla / Jadeite / Labradorite / Nephrite / Kyanite

Length: 18"-26"

This stunning necklace can also be wrapped and worn as a bracelet.

Tony Lent grew up around rattlesnakes but was never afraid of them. Instead, he marveled at how frightened everyone else was. Over time, he became attracted to creatures that we seem to be hard-wired to be afraid of. The snake, in particular, evokes strong emotions in people. On the one hand, they're Biblical personifications of evil. On the other, they symbolize health and healing. Where is the compromise between the disguise of Satan and the staff of Asclepius? Can wearing a piece of jewelry help you confront your fears? 

8mm beads

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